Energy Comparison Chart

Investing in an energy-efficient Energy Star computer provides numerous benefits for both you and the environment. First, an Energy Star computer uses significantly less energy, which reduces your electricity bills and save you money. Additionally, these computers produce less heat, which can prolong the life of your computer and reduce the need for costly repairs. Energy Star rated-computers are a smart investment that can save you money, improve the lifespan of your computer, and reduce your environmental footprint.

Annual and Life Cycle Costs and Savings for 1 Computer(s)

Annual Operating Costs*ENERGY STAR Conventional UnitSavings
Electricity costs$8$53$44
Annual electricity consumption (kWh)85 kWh542 kWh457 kWh
Maintenance costs$0$0$0
Life Cycle Costs*   
Life cycle operating cost (electricity and maintenance)$30$191$161
Electricity costs (lifetime)$30$191$161
Maintenance costs (lifetime)$0$0$0
Purchase price for 1 unit(s)$900$900$0
Simple payback of initial additional cost (years)** 0.0
*This chart assumes that 100% of users turn off their computer(s) at night. Annual costs exclude the initial purchase price. All costs, except initial cost, are discounted over the products’ lifetime using a real discount rate of 4%. See “Assumptions” to change factors including the discount rate night time turn off rate.

**A simple payback period of zero years means that the payback is immediate.

Summary of Benefits for 1 Computer(s)

Initial cost difference$0
Life cycle savings$161
Net life cycle savings (life cycle savings – additional cost)$161
Simple payback of additional cost (years)$0.0
Life cycle energy saved (kWh)1,829
Life cycle air pollution reduction (lbs of CO2)2,808
Air pollution reduction equivalence (number of cars removed from the road for a year)0.24
Air pollution reduction equivalence (acres of forest)0.35
Savings as a percent of retail price18%